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L.A Noire CoverThis game we are disscussing is called L.A. Noire on The XBOX 360, which is a classic game if you have an old XBOX 360 that you like to play. This game L.A. Noire is a crime game that you can play as some kind of detective, which this game was developed by Team Bondi.

In addition to being developed by Team Bondi, this game is also published by Rockstar Games, which this game was first released by The PS3 and XBOX 360. The story line of this game takes place in post WW2 Los Angeles, which follows the storyline of an LAPD detective named Cole Phelps and an investigator Jack Kelso.

In addition to that, you will discover a large conspiracy as the detective with the investigator, which this conspiracy is caused by the strongest men in the city. When you play this game as Cole Phelp you will solve different crimes on several development, which you will play different missions as you take on different cases.

In addition to Phelps, you will also be able to switch and play as Kelso as you stop something called Suburban Redevelopment Fund. The game that was talked about right now is L.A. Noire on The XBOX 360, which you will experienced this games gameplay for yourself.

L.A. Noire Gameplay.

L.A. Noire GameplayThis game is an action pack crime game, which you get to play as a detective in this game to solve a huge case and conspiracy. You are playing this game in the perspective of a third person, which this game is set to an open world environment.

In addtion to this open world environment, this game is also set in the city of Los Angeles, in the state of California, which this year is taking place in 1947. You are going to progress through a story as you complete different cases, which you are going to play in this game so far.

I witness a ten minute gameplay as a cop I witness a dead body of someone on the sidewalk, which you are probably going to begin a case right now in this gameplay. Then after in this gameplay of this game you drive a car and ride off to somewhere else, which means the player must have found some kind of lead.

I also noticed that the navigation of the car is on the small left side of the screen, which helps you figure out and keep up with where your going. Well also as you drive I saw a banner in the background of this game, which says keep L.A. safe and then it said at the end drive safely as you rode past it, so I would say that this game has some interesting looking gameplay.

Gameplay Walkthrough called Upon Reflection.

L.A. Noire Upon Reflection.I seen this game walkthrough and the detective in this game was narrated in this walkthrough, which he was at a car dealership where a character that is in the background is buying himself a car. In the narration of the story the main character said that the car is a symbol of freedom and vitality, which the man that bought a car at a dealership started riding off and then the title of the game appeared after that same person rode off in his car.

The beginning of this part of the games story begins with the title Upon Reflection, which you see the main detectives in an old police car with his partner late at night. After that the story begins with two main detectives being alerted that a murder took place, which that begins the plot of this games story so far.

As you game progresses you get to ride in a police car with your partner riding to the crime scene, which the beginning parts of this game is just like Grand Theft Auto. As you drive to the new crime scene in this game the instructions on how to use the controls of the police car at the beginning, which you learn the play this game at the beginning.

When those two police detectives, which are officers at the beginning of this story spoke to the police chief of the crime scens in detail after he left, which begins the beginning of the gameplay of this part of this game. This must be somewhat like Grand Theft Auto in my opinion, which this game could be very interesting.

Gameplay Walkthrough called Buyers beware.

L.A. Noire Buyer BewareIn this stage of the game buyers beware our two game characters Phelps and Kelso were driving in the police car, which they probably were patroling the night looking for anything suspicious. One of the men saw someone suspicious and chased after him trying to get an arrest, which means this suspect is going to probably get interrogated later on.

This suspect was called Bowers because one of the cops thats been chasing this suspect said Bowers hold on as he chased him, which he also threatened stop or I’ll shoot. This person that was running from the cops also said stay the hell away from me, which the officer also said to him give it Wendell.

What’s crazy is the suspect ran all the way up the roof of buildings just to get away from one of the officers, which the officer that was chasing the suspect said also as he was chasing its over Bowers. After the chase the chase started to end with a brawl, which you were going to have to fight the suspect to take him in to police custody.

Then after both Phelps and Kelso captured and arrested him we find out the suspect was on parole, which he violated his parole and got caught doing it. Well all that stuff happen before you begin this part of the game now The Buyers Beware mission can begin right now, which this beginning suspect chase is to prepare you for this mission at the beginning.

Was this game released almost 12 years ago?

L.A. Noire Release 12 years agoWell was this game released in almost 12 years ago, well I say yes they were, which this game was probably good to begin with. Some people will say that this game is as good as it was now, which some people probably remember playing this game before.

I will say some people have great memories playing this game, which this game probably was a good game back then. You might have had an XBOX 360 before and remember some family members playing this game, which some of those family members would be a brother that like to play this game.

In addition to a brother that like to play, you might like the animation and the gunplay, which you might find fascinating as well when you watched your brother or someone else playing this game. You even might have fun with this game when you start playing this game for yourself, which you are going to love the nostalgia of this game when you first play it.

I will say you will have a great experience when playing this game for yourself, which you might say that rockstar really like this Los Angeles setting. All in all after the 12 years that this game has been released many people will still say that this game is the best they ever played, which there will really be nothing else quite like it.


In Conclusion many people acually think that this game is amazing to play, which if you get this game and played this game and messed around with this game you might find that this game is awesome. If you like to play this game the gameplay will win you over, which you might find that the interrogation is not for people who don’t like critical thinking.

If you go at it alone without any help relying on this simple facial expressions in this game which might not be helpful, which you might get some of the facial expressions wrong. Someone who look guilty might end up telling the truth, which you might need some critical thinking skills to understand that.

The design of the graphics of this game is very beautiful, which the city and the scenery is perfect. You might love the fact that the characters and the people look real, which also hold expressions not commonly scene in a video game.

You can play this game for yourself to see if this game is good for yourself, which you can play this game on ebay. You might have to make up your mind on whether this game is good for you to play or not, which you are going to have to find that out for yourself.

If you have any questions or feedback about L.A. Noire, please place a comment below!

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