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Judgement CoverThis game I want to talk about the game Judgement, which this game Judgement on XBOX SERIES X is going to be talked about. This game is from the makers of the acclaimed Yakuza series, and Ryu Ga Gotaku Studio.

The game Judgement is the dramatic tale of a disgraced lawyer seeking redemption in a world rife with corruption and despair. You can investigate the seedy Red Light District of Kamurocho by stepping into the mind of private detective Takayuki Yagami.

In addition to what was said, you can utilize innovative investigate systems to uncover the secrets that lie deep within Kamurocho’s corrupt underbelly. You can experience visceral combat with two unique combat styles.

Based on what was said, this is a game of a lawyer seeking some kind redemption. To conclude, you play as this detective trying as you are trying to investigate in this tale, which you will experience in this game Judgement on XBOX SERIES X.

Experience combat with two styles

Judgement fighting styleYou can also experience visceral combat with two uniques styles. You can take down groups of thugs with sweeping blows in the Crane Style.

In addition to the Crane Style, you can then switch to Tiger to overwhelm a single foe with a series of powerful strikes. You can start practice mixing-and-matching styles in combat in conjunction with a wide variety of skills.

To add on to skills, weapons, and powerful (and hilarious) EX Actions to unlock a whole new dimension in combat. Based on what was just said, you can also use two martial arts styles in the game.

Basically, also there are also weapons that you can use in conjunction to skills. In conclusion, there are different Ex Actions to unlock in the game that you can do.

Set in the Yakuza Series of the game

Judgement YakuzaThis game is set in the Yakuza series of the game. Judgement marks the first time in over 12 years that a game set in the Yakuza series universe has received an English dub for its Western release.

The star-studded English voice cast brings Judgement to life. Greg Chun takes on the role of this game’s protagonist, Takayuki Yagami.

In addition to protagonist, he is also supported by Crispin Freeman, Matthew Mercer, Cherami Leigh. To add on to the list, their is also, Yuri Lowenthal, James Hong, Ed O’Ross, Amy Walker, Matt Yang King, Fred Tatasciore, and Brian Mcanamara.

There are also guess appearances from SungWon Cho, Cristina See, Max Mittleman, and so much more. To conclude there are allot of important voice actions from the previous game Yakuza, and other good actors in this game as well.

Game Features like Dual Audio

Judgement Dual AudioIn this game their are features like Dual Audio, which you can use to play through the story in whatever language that you choose. Players can switch between the Japanese and English VO tracks at any point during the game.

You will experience Judgement using whichever language you prefer. This game also has Dual Subtitles that you can utilize in this game.

In addition, subtitles change based on which audio track in selected, which is Japanese or English. In this game Japanese voice subtitles are presented in a way that represents the traditional Yakuza experience while English voice subtitles match the English script.

This games localization has been handled in-house by EGA of America’s talented Yakuza series localization team. To conclude this game has duel audio of English and Japanese, which you can listen in either language.

What Critics have to say

Judgement ReviewThere are many critics that say many things about this game, which there must have been allot of good news about this game. One person says that Judgement is still a fantastic title on the next-gem systems.

In addition, this person goes on to say while existing owners may not see a reason anyone else should hesitate in diving into this addictive crime soap-opera. Another critic said that if you’ve never played Judgement before, what are you waiting for, and the remaster is one of the best next-gem exclusives to play right now and has never looked better.

This person mentions that if you’ve already played it, it may be hard to justify the price tag at this point. To add on to that this person also mentions that the substantial upgrades ensure it’s the best the game has ever been.

He also says that there’s nothing in the way of new content outside of all previously released DLC. In this conclusion this person also said but Yagami’s adventure is just as compelling and original as it once was.

Conclusional Summary

Their are many users that has allot to say about this game,which you can try out the game for yourself and get this game on amazon. One person said that he just finished it with almost 40 hours and doing most content.

He goes on to say that the gameplay was fun, the characters were well written, and the story was one of the best in a game in a long time. He goes on to say that the visuals on series x were also stunning and frame rate fantastic.

This person goes on to say he cannot recommend this game enough. He goes on to quotes that stoked for the sequel!

Another person also mentioned that he’s been playing this on both Series X and my Series S. He goes on to say that the graphics and overall performance is just incredible.

Basically to conclude, The action, story, and voice acting for both the Japanese dub and English dub are very impressive, which you don’t have to take my word for it you can try it out for yourself.

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